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A korlátlan felhőalapú tárolási csomagok lassan megszűnnek: Hogyan segíthet a Synology Drive a vállalkozásoknak a költségellenőrzésben és az adatok feletti tulajdon jog kezelésében?
Synology Team
január 16, 2024

A korlátlan felhőalapú tárolási csomagok lassan megszűnnek: Hogyan segíthet a Synology Drive a vállalkozásoknak a költségellenőrzésben és az adatok feletti tulajdon jog kezelésében?

Cloud storage has become the number one choice for businesses: more than 60% of corporate files are in the cloud and, almost unbelievable, 94% of companies use cloud storage solutions worldwide ( GoodFirms, 2023 ). However, with nearly half of cloud data classified as sensitive information, including employee and customer data, financial records, and intellectual property, cloud storage spending is forecast to grow 13% to $135.1 billion by 2026 are rising ( IDC, 2023 ). The rapid growth of data volume presents two major challenges to businesses: rising storage costs and data protection concerns.

Public cloud challenges

Rising costs for businesses:

Due to the continuous increase in the amount of data, it is difficult for public cloud providers to maintain unlimited storage. In 2021, Google ended its free hosting for Google Photos users, and Google Workspace for Education and Enterprise do a very similar thing. In 2023, Microsoft and Dropbox discontinued their unlimited storage solutions, affecting many companies that stored a significant amount of their data this way. Even if businesses can find alternative solutions, there may be issues with data migration, IT resources, governance, and operational disruptions during the transition.

Potential privacy and security risks

Businesses have minimal control over public cloud servers, resulting in unstable access to their files due to congestion and network latency. This is a serious problem for sensitive business data. In addition, most service providers have access to user data, risking the breach or deletion of critical organizational data. For this reason, public clouds may not offer an ideal solution for storing confidential corporate data.

Switch to Synology Drive: A Private Cloud Solution

Private cloud storage platforms like Synology Drive offer a robust solution to the challenges of unlimited storage and data ownership. Synology Drive runs on the private cloud servers of your on-premises Synology NAS, eliminating the risks of external services such as unstable networks or service downtime. Businesses can choose a suitable NAS type based on their capacity needs, and with a one-time payment, they can solve their dependence on third-party service providers. Here are five reasons why large enterprises should choose Synology Drive:

100% data ownership

Synology Drive is based on a private, cloud-based storage infrastructure, which means that Synology has no access to the stored data, providing full data control and data protection.

Comprehensive file management and collaboration platform

Synology Drive offers built-in tools like Synology Office to create documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. Teams can collaborate on and share files in real-time, further enhancing team coordination in the security of a private cloud.

Enterprise-grade sync and security features

You can restore previous file versions, recall deleted files, and configure file-level access permissions when sharing files internally and externally with Synology Drive. You can add watermarks to all files in a folder, so you can easily identify the source of the leak. In case of a lost Synology device, synced folders can be deleted remotely, preventing data breaches.

Flexible storage

When using Synology Drive, there is no need to pay recurring license fees and no subscription costs. Companies only need to select a NAS device based on their capacity and storage needs, so their data needs can grow without additional costs.

Convenient hybrid cloud deployment

Synology Drive can be integrated with public cloud services such as Synology C2 Storage, so companies can set up a balanced hybrid cloud infrastructure according to their needs. This allows files to be recovered from hybrid cloud-based backups in the event of data loss, thus guaranteeing continuous operation and efficient resource management for businesses.

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With major public cloud providers phasing out their unlimited storage solutions and privacy still a concern, Synology Drive’s private cloud storage is a flexible, cost-effective and secure alternative. On-premises private cloud storage solutions allow businesses to grow without modifying their existing storage infrastructure.

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Synology Drive DS923+, 18 TB HDD*4

Google Drive: Google Workspace Business Plus (5 TB/user, shareable)

OneDrive: OneDrive for Business – Pack 1 (1TB/user, non-shareable)

Dropbox: Dropbox Advanced (5 TB/user, shareable)