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Seamlessly access between Synology NAS and G Suite service by tapping into LDAP in Google Cloud Identity
Vincent Tsai
October 11, 2018 · 3 min read

Seamlessly access between Synology NAS and G Suite service by tapping into LDAP in Google Cloud Identity

A growing trend towards putting directory service onto the cloud as a unified cloud-based AD/LDAP is allowing IT admins to manage cloud and on-premises servers efficiently and flexibly. As more and more clients are adopting hybrid cloud infrastructure to store and manage their data, Google Cloud Identity therefore made a forward-thinking move by creating a brand new feature called Secure LDAP. This new feature can also integrate user accounts seamlessly to allow Synology NAS to form closer ties with Google Cloud Identity and G Suite in addition to exchanging data. With Secure LDAP offered through Cloud Identity and G Suite, Google Cloud is bringing its collaborative efforts to an unprecedented level.

The icing on the cake

With a Cloud Identity account, you can use the very same account to log in to DSM and all the applications in Synology NAS, making identity and access management easier. System admins will no longer have to set up and manage users in both private storage system and cloud. For end-users, using a single Google account will allow them to log in to all Synology applications. Enterprises can allow their newly-deployed Synology NAS to join existing Google Cloud Identity or G Suite domain, providing another option for enterprise customers to manage their accounts and free up original resources for directory management.

See how Secure LDAP simplifies identity and access management for you.

  • User Sync & Authentication: You can sync all the existing Google accounts to Synology NAS and authenticate them in a few steps. You no longer need to key in accounts individually, which can save a great deal of time and effort.
  • Single Account Access: You can log in to multiple interfaces with a single account. By joining your Synology NAS to Secure LDAP, all the Google accounts can log in to DSM and Synology applications with their G Suite username and password.
  • Cloud Backup: For extra cloud data protection, Cloud Identity and G Suite admins can use Active Backup for G Suite to back up all the data stored in G Suite for free. After joining your Synology NAS to Secure LDAP, G Suite admins no longer need to manually import all the user accounts in G Suite, and users can log in to the self-service portal for restoration in Active Backup for G Suite with their G Suite credentials, thereby reducing IT workloads.

Streamlined experience in store for you

In the past, IT teams have to manage on-premises LDAP-based apps/infrastructure and software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps with two separate identity systems. With Secure LDAP in Cloud Identity, it is no longer necessary for IT admins to maintain two management systems. They can manage users, devices, and applications at a central location from a single console, which facilitates unified management. Additionally, since Synology is dedicated to providing hybrid cloud solutions to our customers, we believe that Secure LDAP will make backup management in Active Backup for G Suite easier. This brand new feature will be announced on October 11, 2018 at Next ’18 London.

Are you as excited as we are about this new feature? To learn more about Secure LDAP, please visit the Google Cloud blog.