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BeeStation vs. DiskStation: Privát felhő még egyszerűbb
Synology Team
április 19, 2024

BeeStation vs. DiskStation: Privát felhő még egyszerűbb

Our priority is the needs of our users, which are constantly changing. Just a decade ago, NAS systems were a rarity in private households, but today they are widespread – especially among IT-savvy users. However, the amount of data for each individual is growing more and more. The public is now more aware that sensitive data should not be carelessly outsourced to the cloud, and that hard drives can fail. Data loss is not only annoying, but also costly. Similarly, public cloud services often prove to be expensive in the long run and do not provide the data protection hoped for.

That’s exactly what BeeStation does. The goal is to offer a solution for data storage and data use that is both secure and private, but above all impressive with its ease of use – and therefore accessible to anyone for whom a standard NAS system is too large.

DiskStation: A variant for advanced users

Synology is the number one NAS manufacturer. Our DiskStations have become known as a reliable solution suitable for small and complex storage needs. DiskStations offer advanced features such as RAID configurations and advanced networking capabilities, as well as a variety of uses, be it VPN, mail, media, LDAP, office, video surveillance servers and more. These are particularly interesting and important for IT professionals and companies.

BeeStation: Focus on the bottom line

In the case of BeeStation, on the other hand, the focus is clearly on a personal cloud solution that is characterized by being particularly easy to set up and use. BeeStation is aimed exclusively at private users who want to back up their data at home without ongoing subscription costs, but at the same time have access to it anywhere. With BeeStation, you can back up your mobile phone and computer, sync files across devices such as smartphones, computers, and laptops, and easily share data with friends and family.


Out of the box: It couldn’t be simpler

Unpack, connect LAN cable, scan QR code, log in, done.

Whether it’s families, friends, shared apartments or individuals: BeeStation allows everyone to create their own private cloud – completely without IT skills. The setup process is the same as well-known cloud solutions such as Google Drive. Users can download the BeeFiles and BeePhotos mobile apps to their mobile phones via Google Play or the App Store, directly back up their photos and files, and make room for new things.

Unlike Synology DiskStations, you don’t need to set up remote access yourself. Activation is done directly. BeeStation is also available outside the home network without any additional setup.

No matter where, users can always access all their photos and files just like a DiskStation – whether through the browser, mobile smartphone apps, or with the desktop BeeFiles app directly from Windows File Explorer or macOS Finder. You can then edit them directly with MS Office or Adobe Suite – as if the data were directly on your laptop/PC. With a right click and share links, you can quickly and securely share individual files or entire folders.

BeeStation FAQ

Why would anyone choose a BeeStation over a DiskStation?

BeeStation is fully focused on a simple and intuitive private cloud solution for beginners. In particular, our loyal NAS users will find no suitable substitute in BeeStation.

So if you have or want a DiskStation with all the features and settings, then stick with it. BeeStation will not be the right data solution for you. But probably for your parents, friends, children or grandparents who want a simpler solution for their data – without all the frills and whistles, but with Synology’s high quality and ease of use.

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