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How businesses are working smarter with innovative data storage
Max Wu
November 13, 2018 · 3 min read

How businesses are working smarter with innovative data storage

Modern data storage offers unique benefits that many businesses may find surprising.

Everyone knows that data storage is fundamental to businesses today. But not everyone appreciates or even realizes the versatility and benefits that modern data storage can provide them.

The best solutions do so much more than just give you a place to put your files. They give you a chance to bring your data to life — to enhance productivity, operate more efficiently, and create better results.

Let’s turn the spotlight on a few companies that are leading the way in innovative applications of this technology.

Big data comes to the vineyard

When you think about how to make great wine, you probably don’t think about data mining. But winemaking has always been an art and a science. And new technologies — from physical moisture sensors to machine learning — are taking the science further than it’s ever gone.

No one knows this better than Napa Valley’s Palmaz Vineyards. Palmaz employs thousands of sensors to monitor every step in the wine making process, and it developed its own proprietary software to analyze the data. That data — nearly a terabyte each day — is stored on Synology servers for further analysis and future reference. The system allows the Palmaz team to better manage their wine production process and elevate their craft to a new level.

Get the full story of how Palmaz brings its data to life through Synology here.

Managing 1,000 sites without 1,000 technicians

If you had a business with thousands of stores, how would you manage the need for data storage at each one? More importantly, how would you ensure customer data remains secure, which is an especially critical question when operating in the healthcare industry or following local guidelines like Europe’s General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR).

These were the questions faced by Krys Group, a leading company in the French optical market. It wanted to set up storage solutions for more than 1,300 separate shops it has across the country. On top of that, Krys wanted to unify communications and centralize technical support from a single location.

But as many multi-site businesses have learned, this is a challenge tailor-made for Synology.

By deploying more than 1,350 small Synology NAS systems across its locations, Krys is able to manage all of its file servers from its headquarters outside Paris in a cost-efficient way — all while making sure they maintain complete ownership of sensitive data. Read their full story here.

Enhancing security with private chat

Many organizations are rightly uncomfortable discussing sensitive business plans on a public, third-party messaging service. For one thing, hackers are always on the prowl. For another, everything you say over these services is stored by that third party.

With any kind of sensitive info or data, it’s a good idea to own it yourself.

That’s why Cresco Holding, a company headquartered in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and offering a range of consulting, financial and IT services to a worldwide client base, uses Synology Chat on its onsite Synology NAS.

Cresco handles extremely sensitive financial and other information for clients. So, it’s absolutely critical that all its communications are secure across all the different countries in which it operates. By using Synology Chat, Cresco is able to seamlessly and securely communicate and collaborate across multiple branch offices in different countries — while maintaining complete privacy and control over who can access that data.

Find out more about how Cresco uses Synology for efficiency and security here.

Now it’s your turn

As these stories make plain, almost any business can benefit and do more with the advanced technology of Synology NAS file sharing solutions. Isn’t it time your business took advantage?

Don’t forget to let us know how you leverage Synology solutions to make your work and business more efficient. And if you want to chat with us, reach out to us on Twitter, Facebook, or visit our contact page.