Start your Business with OpenERP & DiskStation

Today, I would like to introduce OpenERP, a package that can run on some of our plus series DiskStation models.

Let’s say if you’ve just started a business on your own, Synology DiskStation can be a helpful product for you. It provides a quick and easy-to-use file server, and also a platform – Web Station, for you to deploy your line-of-business applications with PHP and MySQL. If you don’t have IT professionals around you to help create your own, you can leverage a collection of 3rd party apps listed here we’ve tested.

When your business grows over time, managing your company with folders and documents will be insufficient. What you will need is an information system to manage your clients, sales order, business contacts, projects, inventory, cash flow, to name just a few. You, the owner of the company should think about how to make everything running in order  – this is when you should consider to consider an ERP system in your company.

We think OpenERP will be a good option for you for a limited budget to build an ERP system. You can download OpenERP package free of charge by clicking Install button in Package Center, and that’s it. When you think it is necessary, you can purchase consultant services from OpenERP or local partners.You could find the Partners by Country and Partner World Map on OpenERP website.


Why we select OpenERP? The first thing would be there is no license fee for OpenERP, while the cost of commercial ERP system is hefty high. And OpenERP offers a comprehensive suite of business applications including sales, CRM, project management, warehouse management, manufacturing, accounting, human resources and many others. It is is available in 22 languages and more than 800 individual contribute to OpenERP. It adopts Open Source model, so OpenERP customers are using the certified modules in OpenERP, assuring the quality of software. With OpenERP powered by DiskStation, you are able to devote more of your IT resources to software configuration, deployment, and organization training rather than to building the infrastructure.


Here are a few functionalities of OpenERP you might be interested in:

  • Sales
    Track your leads and opportunities more effortlessly. With an automated system, you’re able to make your best leads to sales orders. You can also get sales forecasts and analyze them with dashboards and data graphs. The marketing module will let you define your campaign, segment and send email templates automatically.
  • Accounting
    Manage your fixed assets, bank account, cash flow, and bank statement in a few clicks at a single place. You can have a whole picture of your company’s daily financial status with just one glance.
  • Manufacturing
    If your company has a factory manufacturing products, you will need an ERP system to assist you to deal with such complicated tasks as manufacturing order, shop floor control, factory coordination, scheduling, BOM, lot-size adjustment and lead time off-setting. With the help of ERP system you will be more equipped to plan as well as control your supply chain when it comes to manufacturing.

OpenERP is simply our first step toward to the goal of offering solutions for DiskStation users. We will explore more useful applications for business, so you can focus on developing your business, and maximize profits with your DiskStation.