Surveillance Station 6.1 – What’s New

Surveillance Station users will have noticed an update available in the Package Center last week: after 6 week of Beta, Surveillance Station 6.1 is going live, lets take a look at its highlights:

A boosted, “Java-free” Live view

One very important change concerns Surveillance Station’s entrails, where Java is replaced with a homemade web-plugin. The Beta introduced it on Chrome and Firefox, it’s now also on Internet Explorer with the official release. Why does that matter?

First, as it gives a real boost to performances, making using Surveillance Station 6.1 all the more pleasant and responsive. When viewing both camera live feeds and recorded events for instance, page loading is up to 5 times faster.

Less obvious but just as essential: it makes Surveillance Station independent of the behavior and performances of other software. This is quite crucial for a Security app, making it less prone to being impacted by security holes of software such as Java over which our engineers have no control.

When monitoring a large scale installation, the number of cameras which can be handled in a single view is essential. With the latest web plugin, Surveillance Station can handle up to 49 and, in Full HD.

Cam support: always up-to-date

With over 1700 cameras officially supported, and frequent firmware updates by camera manufacturers, it’s essential to have a flexible system to always maintain the best possible support for this entire range of cams. This new device pack does just that: allowing us to rapidly push the frequent updates needed to handle the latest camera firmware changes, and without users having to perform and wait for the regular full-scale Surveillance Station updates.

Neat & discreet features

Sometimes, discreet improvements are the most noticeable on a daily basis. In Surveillance Station 6.1, you’ll find the cursor changed into a small arrow: forget PTZ controls on the control panel and adjust camera positions directly on the live view. You’ll also find on-screen buttons on the live view screen to obtain more instant access to the functions you need.


Speaking of camera positioning, for those who are often in meetings and only have their phone or tablet with them, DS cam now allows to select preset positions to point the live view wherever you need, or even start a camera’s patrol to screen an area.

That’s for an overview of the major changes in the latest Surveillance Station. You can find all the details in the release notes or learn about the surveillance solution on website…before trying it out yourself!