The Helping Hand in IT Operation – LUN Clone & LUN Snapshot

As you may know, virtualization helps businesses to optimize infrastructure utilization, improve system operation, and management efficiency. So what exactly do businesses use it for? Go out and ask any IT administrator what they use, among the sea of answers, you’ll always hear clone, snapshot, and data migration. This means, the ease of moving and copying data is crucial for businesses.

But wait, you say. What happens to companies that don’t deploy virtualized environment? Every business has data to migrate and to copy. But not every company goes virtualized. What should they do?

In Synology, we assist these companies by using LUN clone and LUN snapshot. The basic principle is the same: the system records the status of the LUN of a particular moment. The system can either take a snapshot or make an exact copy of the LUN to get its clone. While all of this is happening, the original source is accessible and performs all tasks as usual.

In addition, snapshots and clones only take up 1/1000 of the original size, helping companies to optimize storage usage.

In other words, even if your IT environment hasn’t gone virtualized, DiskStation Manager’s LUN clone & LUN snapshot helps you to conduct system testing and data migration very efficiently.

Back to the world of virtualization. Synology’s LUN clone and snapshot can be applied to RDM and LUN that’s mounted on VM via iSCSI. If you have used similar solution before, you may also wonder whether the number of snapshot affects the overall performance as it was often the limitation user faced. This is not to be worried if your storage server is a DiskStation or RackStation. In addition, Synology supports vSphere 5.1 and VAAI solutions are also supported.



Effective IT solutions are the drive force behind projects. They need to deliver results in a timely manner to ensure the entire project can carry on smoothly. When it comes to moving or copying large amount of files, clone and snapshot are considered as the number one choice. Synology fully supports this for any company that deploys virtualization solution. At the same time, we extend the benefit to more businesses, helping more IT staff to reduce cost and achieve IT efficiency.