Think about Cloud – A New Way of Managing with Your Photos

Hi! Today I am going to talk about Photo Station 5. Why do I like to use Photo Station more than other online web albums? Well, with Photo Station, I can simply store my thousands of photos in a single place – my DiskStation – and show my photos to friends by using an iPad, Android phone, or giving my website link to my friends so that they could see my photos with a web browser. For me, Photo Station makes it easier to show and share my photos in different places and devices.

With DSM 3.2, we introduced Photo Station 5. Speaking of the design concept of the new Photo Station, we wanted to make it more beautiful, more personalized, more intuitive to use and closer to your social network.

What happens in our lives?


The things we do about photos are all about showing, sharing, and storing them. When you come back from a holiday with a group of friends, you might want to something like:

  • Store the photos -You want to save the photos from your camera and share them quickly, as well as collect photos taken by your companions’ camera.
  • Show the photos – You want to show photos to others in person using a computer, an iPad or smartphone. For friends elsewhere, they can browse your photos via the Internet.
  • Share the photos – You want to let all your friends know about your life. Friends who also joined your trip can obtain the photos in the original size.

Storing your photos become easier

Storing photos to your DiskStation is easier than before. Since we were asked many times about it taking too long to make thumbnails for Photo Station, we decided to make the user experience better. For those who can’t wait, the new photo uploader won’t keep you waiting anymore. Your photos are displayed on the spot after you uploaded the photos.

When you simply copy the files into photo shared folder, in the past, it takes hours or days to create thumbnails, which takes a lot of system resource and was a pain for many. Your voices are heard. We respond one of the most requested features – to pause the thumbnail creation process. In DSM 3.2, you will see the progress; you can pause it and continue later.

If you are the one who wants to collect photos from others in a trip, do you know you can assign privileges to selected users, allowing them to upload photos to your Photo Station? In Photo Station 5 we made it easier to find the option in the album settings. You don’t need to download the photos with compromised quality from other online web album.


Well, one thing noteworthy is that you can let users in DSM to login Photo Station instead of building a separate user list. We hope we solved the problem of storing the photos from your journey.

Show your photos in a more beautiful way

When you’re showing your photos to your friends, whether in person, using IM or e-mail, we all know that you would like your friends to think your website is cool.

Free online albums like Facebook, Flickr or Picasa are good. But there is not really personalized – everyone’s online web album almost has the same look, with the same white background. Just like choosing your favorite wallpaper for your computer and phone, why don’t you do the same with your Photo Station? We selected several beautiful pictures that come right out of the box with DSM 3.2. Choose your own picture as the wallpaper to make your Photo Station truly yours.

To present the photos to your friends in a more beautiful way, every single page has been re-designed. In the previous version, we faced the challenges that it was distracting when browsing  photos because there were too many things shown on the screen. In Photo Station 5, the feature items are categorized into menu and small buttons, so your photos are under the spotlight. And you might have noticed – the speed is fast when navigating between photos, because we design it in a way that you won’t need to reload the entire page when viewing one single picture.


Want to see bigger photos?


We hope you love our new full-screen slideshow.

Now you can move the cursor onto a photo, portrait, landscape, or panorama shot to see with the original aspect and information. We gave a name to the feature and it’s called “Picture Peek.“ Another thing is that you could arrange the order of photos with drag-n-drop, and it’s automatically saved. Do you like it?


To show your photos on mobile devices, don’t forget to install DS photo+ for iPhone, iPad and Android. No hassle to transfer the files with cables. Use your own cloud.

Share your photos

How do your friends usually see your photos? The most frequent answer is Facebook, and now you’re able to sync selected albums to Facebook. You won’t need to manually upload your photos twice. Photos in your Photo Station will be pushed to your Facebook album automatically. You can also protect your album with a password, so only your friends can see them in your personal gallery. Keep your friend informed and maintain your privacy in the meantime.

Besides new features, Download makes it easier to share large photos in the original size. When my friends ask me to send them the photos in the original size, I would simply tell them to click the “Download” button in Photo Station as they could select the photos to download in a zipped file.


With Photo Station 5, we provide a new experience for you to deal with your photos. Everyone has his/her photos, and we hope Photo Station 5 delivers the convenience of storing, showing and sharing the photos to his/her friends & family.

As usual, we’d love to hear feedback from you. =)