Video Streaming – Your Personal Cloud powered by DiskStation

Would you like to watch your favorite movie or TV series somewhere else other than on your computer? Yes, as all of you may already know, we have a Media Server feature that streams your video to the DLNA-enabled TV in the living room. But how about when you are in your comfy bed or at a friend’s house? Here are some of the things we’ve done so far:

DS file for iPad & Android

Synology DS file is a mobile app for iOS and Android phones that enables you to access files stored on the DiskStation anytime, anywhere. The best thing of DS file on iOS is that it’s more than a digital briefcase for getting your files anywhere you want. You can do many great things, like watching your favorite movie on iPad, for instance. The DiskStation will stream the video file to your iPad via the home network, so you can skip the part where you normally have to transfer the file manually to iPad. To put it in a nutshell, with built-in video player in DS file, you can watch an entire movie without having to sit at your computer through the whole time. For those who are in another group, we also have DS file on Android. It allows you to select the player when playing multimedia files, which is capable of opening more formats than the built-in player.


Video Player in File Browser of DSM

Have you ever noticed that there is a menu item called “play” when you open media files with File Browser in DSM? It’s a convenient feature for the users of DiskStation to watch video files without downloading it. So next time when you’re at a library and want to watch a video on your DiskStation, you can just open any modern browser, like Google Chrome, and start watching it! No additional software or plug-in is required. Now, if the movie is in French and you speak English, don’t panic. To “decipher” the language, you could just install VideoLAN player on your computer, then use the subtitle function to enjoy the movie.

Never Stop Dreaming

We don’t plan to stop here. To achieve watching the videos on DiskStation anywhere, with any device, we are expanding our horizon to look for even better solutions. What would happen if the quality of your video file is too high and it is less likely to watch your movie collection via the Internet, since the bandwidth (taking 2Mbps upload for example) is too low compared to the bit rate of 720p HD video (approximately 4Mbps), let alone Full HD 1080p. We think it is a good idea to transcode the video beforehand to make the streaming lag-free.

What’s more, we are also interested in things like storing recorded TV series, broadcasting TV channels at home, and thus your DiskStation will become a media hub. We hope someday all multimedia content will become easier to access and share than ever.

– Darren