Seamlessly access between Synology NAS and G Suite service by tapping into LDAP in Google Cloud Identity

A growing trend towards putting directory service onto the cloud as a unified cloud-based AD/LDAP is allowing IT admins to manage cloud and on-premises servers efficiently and flexibly. As more...

October 11, 2018
It’s time to consider having a local copy of your data from the cloud

Cloud computing services are an integral part of many businesses and they handle communication, collaboration, and file storage. Because of the convenience cloud computing provides, many companie...

September 26, 2018
Active Backup
How to ensure the quality of transfer service?

Now you have full control over your bandwidth resources when transferring with Presto File Server, powered by Synology Internet Transfer Accelerator (SITA), which supports compression to accelerate...

September 26, 2018
How does Synology utilize Collaboration Suite to boost office productivity?

Starting from 2016 we have been working on the collaboration utilities which would massively reinforce office productivity. We have deployed these applications internally. In the beginning, it wa...

September 26, 2018
Bring AI to your business with NAS

While I was investigating the amount of data being generated every minute back in 2017, stated that 90% of the data in the world has been created in the last two years alone. This year “Da...

September 26, 2018
Deep Learning
Surveillance cameras can serve as more than just security

Schedule recording is one of the most commonly used features for home surveillance. Users schedule the camera to record only at night or during their time out of the house. Recordings will be marke...

September 25, 2018