Work in the Cloud – File Station in DSM 4.0


In the previous post, we talked about personal productivity – to sync your important files to your own cloud and you can access them easily. Today we are to talk about team work – collaboration and share using DiskStation as the cloud.

Sharing Gets Easier with File Station

Finally I’ve got the work done – the introduction of new features about DSM 4.0 is completed, and it’s time to send the good news to all our colleagues and business partners. Here is the work presented:

DSM 4.0 Training

What happened when I would like to send the documents to my business partners, to share the new features and enhancements of Synology DSM? I used to sending it as an e-mail attachment, or creating user accounts on DiskStation for the recipients and sending them a link, and they had to enter the credentials to download the file.

But do you remember how many times you re-send these attachments when you’ve made a revised version? Or when the attachment is too large, you had to divide the file to many parts, taking your time. Now in DSM 4.0, I can directly get the sharable links in File Station, and these files are ready to share. Bingo.


On the other hand, when I’ve got a folder or a lot of files to share, the new File Station in DSM 4.0 is more intuitive and looks professional. I just tell my contacts to login File Station, and they can upload and download files, or preview pictures, videos or documents directly without installing anything like FTP client software on their computer.



Organizing Folder and Files Efficiently

When my data is shared to my business partners, usually they will download files to their office computer for future use. Previously, when my partner is downloading a bunch of files, the files will be zipped – and it is kind of troublesome to unzip these files again; what’s more, in the web browser it was not possible to upload folders, which was a pain for me and my business partners when files are organized into folders: with File Station in DSM 4.0, you can easily download a folder to anywhere you want and upload a folder by simply drag-n-drop to File Station window. (In a Java-enabled browser)


I believe these handy features will help you and your partners get more productive when you’re accessing and sharing your files. No FTP or WebDAV software installing required; no zip or unzip actions required on the client computer. You can secure the connection by HTTPS – All of them makes things easy. Just open the web browser on any computer and get access to your cloud.

Collecting Files with Permission Control

In case you have to manage the permissions more strictly, for example, when you are a teacher and created a share folder so that students can submit their assignments – or, you are a sales manager and would like to collect sales report of your team members, but in the meanwhile you wouldn’t like the students or your team members see each other’s files, you can take advantage of our integration of Windows ACL in our DiskStation.


As you may think Windows ACL complicated, it is actually not and in fact really useful in common scenarios like above. You can give users the permission to list the contents in the folder, upload but not overwrite others’ files, and only modify or delete files created by their own. In other words, If he is not the OWNER of the file, he can’t read or access it. See, Windows ACL is useful for teachers collecting assignments from students, isn’t it? What’s more, now DSM 4.0 provides the web interface which enables you to setup ACL permissions in File Station and you don’t have to use Windows Explorer in your local network to change them.


The Future – Collaboration in the Cloud

The features DSM 4.0 offers are cool, but what makes me excited is talking about the future. What’s the future will Synology software will bring to? Well, I am thinking about collaboration and some ideas like – directly edit the same documents by many at the same time? Or import from your camera and sync your photos to Photo Station seamlessly? Well, say something to your DiskStation and it will complete your work for you? Oh… I might be crazy, but don’t forget imagination is more important than knowledge. What’s your idea about – collaboration in the cloud?