Work in the Cloud – Cloud Station in DSM 4.0


In my previous blog post – Have Important Files Ready Anytime, some of you asked us why we don’t offer file syncing solutions between NAS server and PC. Today, I am really happy to announce DSM 4.0 beta offers you improved experience to manage your files, including Cloud Station and File Station. In this article, let’s explore how Cloud Station enables you to sync your files between your computers and DiskStation automatically. I’ll be talking about File Station in another post.

Cloud Station – Be More Productive at Work

Sometimes it’s inevitable to work at home. A few weeks earlier I was preparing the presentation slides of the upcoming DSM 4.0 beta, and constantly adding new ideas into it. Every day when I leave office, I uploaded the presentation file to the DiskStation, and downloaded it from DiskStation when I was back in my home.

Well, the repetitive uploading and downloading work between my laptop and DiskStation was bound to cause disaster. So there was one morning I screamed out (loudly) in the office. Because I had just realized that I accidently overwrote the new file with the old one. It was really frustrating because I have to re-do it.

Is it possible to sync all of my important files automatically? The answer is yes – we offer Cloud Station with DSM 4.0 beta today, meaning you are able to access your files more easily without constant downloading & uploading task. So the risk of overwriting the wrong files like I did could be avoided. The best thing is that I can have access to the latest of my documents on any of my computers. Works likes a charm =)


And what happens when I am using a public computer, but need to access the files in Cloud Station? Simple, I can access it with File Station. One more thing – Whenever I mess up the document, I can still get the previous versions and get the rollback.


With Cloud Station, working between different places is much more simplified. You don’t have to worry about identifying which file is the latest version, because they are always up-to-date.

Best of all, you can use it anywhere, no router configuration is required! For example, if you have a DiskStation placed in your campus accommodation, it is likely that you can’t assign it to a public IP address. Don’t worry, even without any network settings, you can still sync your files remotely with Synology’s ezCloud. As long as your DiskStation has access to the Internet, files could be sync automatically as they should be. This makes a step forward to build your personal cloud easier than before.

Quick Connection service

Okay, I’ve spent a whole day and have finally gotten my work done, I am going to send the documents to my partners and clients to share the new features and enhancement of DSM 4.0. How can I share them? Let’s talk about File Station in my next blog post.