DSM mobile – Manage DiskStation anywhere


In DSM 3.2, Synology released DSM mobile that comes with a user interface that’s optimized for mobile devices. Users can manage DiskStation using the built-in web browsers on smartphones or tablets. Precisely speaking, DSM mobile is optimized for Apple WebKit-based mobile browsers. This browser engine is widely adopted in mobile devices across iOS and Android. You can also find it in the latest OS from RIM blackberry.

Furthermore, DSM mobile is designed specifically for touch screen interface. The fitting size ranges from a 2.8」 smartphone to a 10」 tablet screen. As you access DSM on mobile device, DSM mobile will detect the screen size and optimize the display look automatically.

Today users of DiskStation could enjoy their media content and access files on the go using the versatile applications provided by Synology. DSM mobile pushes the extent of access mobility to the next level by providing management functions in your pocket!

Why does mobile access matter?

Users usually see mobile devices as extensions to their PCs or notebooks. When people are roaming on the road, mobile devices substitute laptops for performing simple tasks and save users from the hassle of finding a power socket.

Remember the announcement of iCloud service by Apple in WWDC 2011? Now Apple is putting its iOS devices at the same level as its Mac because today’s tablet and smartphone have grown to be more powerful with a state-of-art processor and advanced GPU. The only difference is how users use the devices (Touch or mouse-driven interface) and the level of mobility the devices provide. In the so-called 「Post-PC」 era, these new mobile devices no longer serve only as extensions of PC/notebooks. People seek to do the same things on tablets/smartphones as they could on their PC/notebooks!

That’s why Synology have been providing mobile apps to help users access their DiskStation !

DSM mobile interface

image image iPad_login_icon

Imagine that you are an information service administrator in a company. Your boss calls you to instruct that the account of the just-resigned employee needs to be removed from the DiskStation, immediately. But you are on the road. Let’s assume that you have a smartphone and a laptop with you. I believe that you are more likely to reach for the smartphone and get the order done right away.. But honestly speaking, it’s really a pain to do this prior to DSM 3.2 because our DSM wasn’t optimized for the small screen of mobile devices. So as you are toiling away on the familiar DSM control panel page, you may ask yourself: I can use DS audio to stream music of unlimited storage on the go, share my photos with friends by DS photo+ and access my files from anywhere using DS file. Why is that hard to do a simple management task using my smartphone?

Again, Synology listens and responds, like what we have done to extend support for Mac Lion compatibility for x07-series DiskStation users. We designed a highly efficient, simple management web interface for smartphone and tablets. The beauty of this new mobile interface includes:

1. Simple, but not simpler.  Although DSM contains tons of functions and lots of detailed settings, it would be overwhelming if we squeeze everything onto DSM mobile. We only implemented the key tasks that DiskStation administrators would be most likely to perform on a daily basis. Even more, to make the using experience more efficient and more satisfying, we created some new user interaction experience that hadn’t been available in original web DSM! The most vivid example is that you could turn on or off various services very quickly in DSM mobile by just wiping a slider using your finger.

2. Touch-friendly. DSM mobile is optimized for touch screens. There is no tiny links or small buttons. You would find it’s hard to distinguish if you are using a native app or a web app.

3. Scale elegantly. DSM mobile is a 「universal」 web app. In iOS world, a universal app submitted to App Store means it can run on iPhone or iPad using the same app binary. In this sense, DSM mobile is even more universal as it can be run on iPad/iPhone and Android devices, in either portrait or landscape orientation. It can even run on a RIM touch screen phone!

The Post PC Era ?

HP announced that it has decided to sell its PC business and is looking for potential buyers. This is a sign to the official start of the 「Post PC」 era. While we still shop for PC and notebook, I believe more and more people will opt for smartphones and tablets. I also expect that, one day, our users may say,

「I now do everything on my tablet and smartphone. Don’t ask me to get a PC to access my DiskStation.」